Lactose (Lactose eg; eg=edible grade) from MILEI is a valuable ingredient in quality foodstuffs. At MILEI, lactose is obtained from sweet whey through innovative crystallization and drying techniques and is particularly suitable as a high-quality ingredient in baby food and for numerous and diverse food applications. It is available in the grinding degrees unmilled / 100 / 200.


  • Crystalline white to slightly yellowish powder
  • Free from additives, slightly sweet flavor
  • Excellent consistency, flowability, solubility, purity, clarity and filterability
  • High-quality source of carbohydrates and energy
  • Allows solids content to be increased and the viscosity and texture of the end product to be improved

Application areas:

As a natural source of carbohydrate in infant nutrition and in foods such as baked goods, meat and sausage products, dairy products, condiments and (instant) beverages.