Milk proteins TMP 80 / 85 *

Our high-quality milk protein concentrates are made from fresh skim milk and cutting-edge filtration and drying technologies. This results in a versatile protein source that contains micellar casein and highly native whey proteins in the natural ratio found in milk, yet with considerably less lactose. MILEIs TMP 80 / 85 has an outstanding flavor, great temperature stability and is naturally rich in milk calcium.


  • Premium milk proteins in their natural ratios (80% micellar casein, 20% whey protein)
  • Rich in natural milk calcium
  • Outstanding emulsifying properties
  • Appealing milky flavor and color
  • Good solubility and excellent mouthfeel

* TMP 80 / 85  is a product certified as Non-Genetically Modified and meets the requirements of the VLOG-standards.

Fitness Shakes Strong Together

Lots has changed in the sports nutrition segment over the last decade. Alongside Europe and North America, Asia is a growing market. Originally exclusively consumed by strength and endurance athletes the fitness shakes is now just as popular among consumers who wish to stay healthy and fit.. For these consumers, a protein-rich diet and the quick and easy preparation are especially important.

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Chocolate Sweet Dreams

Chocolate is popular the world over. This is why a further increase in demand is forecasted— in particular Asia, with India leading the way and Latin America. Overall, consumer focus is on a certain quality of product - an indicator of this are smaller packaging sizes.

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Clinical Nutrition The best nutrition for a full recovery

By 2050, the global population, aged sixty and above, will have more than doubled. The growing number of older people will also lead to greater challenges in the healthcare system. A greater focus on correct nutrition will therefore become more important as the need for the optimal nutrients with substantially lower calories becomes more important as you age. High-quality proteins are an important key here.

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