Looking for a career with prospects? We provide training.

Get a good start to your career. With our staff development program, we introduce you to working life with a targeted approach and offer you a wide range of options.

MILEI helps you to develop your personality and offers a friendly learning environment. Our trainers are selected specialists who teach you not only the necessary skills in your respective department, but also help you to integrate into the company in the best way possible.

You can choose from a variety of possibilities: from a taste of your desired profession as part of a student internship to an apprenticeship in one of our five apprenticeship jobs, which offer interesting content and excellent prospects for the future.



You are a suitable candidate if the following statements are true of you:

  • I want to learn a profession that challenges me and in which I will feel comfortable in the long term
  • I want to continue learning and develop myself
  • I like to contribute my own ideas
  • I am open, like to get to know new people and enjoy working together with others
  • I am conscientious and reliable