Your learning curve? We make it interesting.

With us, practical experiences are as abundant as our products: we offer a wide range of topics and interesting projects as part of which you can put your knowledge into practice!

MILEI encourages and challenges you as an up-and-coming talent. We can help you deepen your theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge and present you with numerous opportunities to actively shape your professional future. During your time with us, we will make you part of ongoing projects and offer you an insight into the business processes of a successful international company.

If you want to lend us your ideas, knowledge and motivation, then find out about our current range of internships, practice-based dissertations or temporary student jobs.


Are you interested?
You are a suitable candidate if the following statements apply to you:

  • I want to continue learning and develop myself
  • I am quick to adapt to new situations, am proactive and capable of independent and conscientious action
  • I am open, like to get to know new people and enjoy working together with others
  • I stand by my opinion and can assert my views, but am also capable of letting other people’s voices be heard
  • I can communicate in English in any situation
  • My academic achievement has always been good to very good