New building prepares the way for a strong future.

Over an area of 15,600 square meters, we have been building a new production facility at our main site since March 2014. Construction of MILEI 2.0 is completed since summer 2018. Overall, the EXPERTS IN WHITE now have more than 30,000 square meters of available space to make the most out of milk and whey in much higher quantities than before. In the process, we have succeeded in developing a manufacturing system that enables us to produce the best-quality products with the highest possible energy efficiency. The combination of process steps is unique worldwide. This once again proves MILEI’s ability to innovate in the context of international competition, while also meeting the growing demands of the market.

MILEI 2.0 is a building that not only meets the high demands of producing baby food, but also harmoniously blends in with the landscape. To ensure that we play our part in preserving the surrounding natural and water protection areas, special care was taken during the construction of the outdoor area in particular. Our aim was to achieve the best possible protection of the natural environment in combination with minimum energy use. Complementary to these goals, the stainless steel facade was designed to visibly reflect our quality and performance leadership.