Food Applications

By using MILEI products, you have selective control over the properties of various foodstuffs during production and can improve in them in almost any area – from texture and color to flavor. Some of the many advantages of MILEI products include:

Baked goods: MILEI products provide superior baking properties and shelf-life, and can serve as stabilizers or egg substitutes.

Beverages: MILEI products are ideal for the formulation of beverages, since they contain native whey proteins and are highly soluble over a wide pH range.

Confectionery: MILEI products reduce the drying effect and contribute significantly to several factors, including improving the flavor of the final product.

Dairy: MILEI whey protein concentrates promote water-binding and gelling. In yogurt products, they reduce syneresis.

Meat: MILEI products bolster meat flavor and are used to increase dry weight. Soluble whey protein concentrates from MILEI improve water- and fat-binding capacity and gelling during heating.