Milei® 13 HH

Milei® 13 HH is obtained from sweet whey by state-of-the-art production processes. It unites the economical benefits from sweet whey powder with the the flavourful and visual benefits of skim milk powder. These excellent characteristics will help you to optimize your product recipes or realize new product ideas.


  • Particularly suited for numerous applications that involve sweet whey powder or skim milk powder
  • The product improves the taste profile and contributes to moderate sweetness
  • Its taste and appearance are similar to skim milk powder, having a similar composition and the economical benefits of sweet whey

Application areas:

Milei® 13 HH can be used in baked goods or pastry as its taste is more flavourful and milkier in a sensory way than sweet whey powder.

When using in ice cream the product substitutes milk or skim milk powder and convinces with full flavor and a pleasant mouthfeel.