Milkolac® is a excellently soluble milk permeate powder. In comparison to permeate from whey, Milkolac® is produced from fresh, skimmed milk; it is obtained by state-of-the-art production techniques using filtration and drying processes. Like Molkolac® it is partially demineralized and can therefore be used in higher dosage.


  • Alternative to skim milk powder or sweet whey powder
  • Partial demineralization allows higher dosage without affecting the taste
  • Clear and consistent taste due to filtration from fresh milk
  • Free-flowing powder with mild sweetness
  • Declaration as “milk permeate”
  • No need to register for protein standardization according to CODEX STAN 207-1999

Application areas:

Milkolac® is used for protein standardization in the milk industry. It is suitable for a variation of applications, in which lactose, skim milk powder or sweet whey powder are use. For example in dairy products, dairy beverages, confectionary or baked goods.