Molkolac® is a whey permeate powder that is partially demineralized using a gentle process. It is obtained from fresh sweet whey by state-of-the-art production techniques using filtration and drying processes. Furthermore, it has a very positive impact on the organoleptic properties of many foodstuffs. It can be used in many ways as lactose or whey powder substitute in nutrition and food products. It also has a very positive impact on the sensory properties of many foodstuffs. It offers a variety of specific functions and contributes to browning reactions and allows salt reduction.


  • Fine-grain, exceptionally free-flowing and low-hygroscopic powder
  • White to slightly yellowish color
  • Excellent flavor and mild sweetness, partially demineralized
  • Defined and balanced product and in particular mineral composition
  • Excellent solubility
  • Improves the flavor, color and texture of a wide variety of foodstuffs
  • Salt substitute in food

Application areas:

Substitute for lactose and whey in foods such as baked goods, meat and sausage products, confectionery, dairy products, desserts and especially infant nutrition and dietetic products.