Milei® MC 80 & Milei® MC 88

Our from skimmed milk gently produced powder products, the micellar caseins Milei® MC 80 (80% protein content in dry matter) and Milei® MC 88 (88% protein content in dry matter) are highly suitable for a variation of nutritional applications due to their special functionalities and nutritional values.


  • Maximum milk protein nativity
  • Highly native, whitisch and free-flowing protein powder
  • Distinctive milky taste
  • Natural white color in solution
  • Highest protein nativity
  • High calcium content
  • Casein content in total protein >92%

Application areas:

As a biological valuable and/or highly functional protein source especially suitable for sports nutrition, enteral and dietary foods, dairy products and dairy beverages. Our state-of-the-art filtration technology guarantees a naturally low fat- and lactose content of up to 1%.