Milei® 70 A

MILEI® 70 A is a mildly acidified premium whey protein concentrate. It is produced from fresh sweet whey by ultrafiltration and spray drying, and with selective fermentation it is an ideal protein enrichment for dietetic foodstuffs, dairy products and beverages. MILEI® 70 A is also particularly good for creating and refining flavor.


  • Natural and highly functional protein with high nutritional value
  • Balanced nutrient and amino acid profile
  • Excellent source of functional whey proteins for products with an exceptional flavor profile
  • Excellent water-binding capacity and solubility
  • Slightly acidic taste

Application areas:

As a high-quality protein source, it is particularly suitable for products with a mild, slightly acidic taste in the field of dairy products, e.g. yogurt or cream cheese, or beverages and dietetic products.