We love what we do Live. Love. Enjoy.

LIVE. LOVE. ENJOY. What we do, we do with passion

Our strong brand promise “Live. Love. Enjoy.” demonstrates the motivation and drive that we bring to our daily work and to the further development of our products. Our zest for life—courtesy of our location in Germany’s naturally beautiful Allgäu region—is something we positively radiate and happily pass on to our customers. Come visit us sometime and see for yourself!  

Our claim encompasses the careful selection of our milk and whey resources, includes our entire value chain, affects our own employees, and finishes with the end-products and their consumers. 

It is derived from the claim of our Japanese parent company, the Morinaga Milk Group: “For Ever Brighter Smiles”. This is because our main concern is that our customers and end-consumers get to feel the passion we bring to the development of innovative, high-quality products.

Welcome to a world of limitless application options When it comes to questions of taste, we provide truly delicious answers. What can we do for you?

Innovation based on tradition—for many decades now, our team has been continuously developing new products famed for their superlative quality and maximum performance in the world of milk and whey derivatives. To achieve this, we work tirelessly in dialog with customers, universities, and the research department of our parent company, Morinaga Milk Industry, in order to optimise our processes and products. If you have any questions regarding product properties and applications, our team agents is are only just a phone call or e-mail away—so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Leading the field in terms of quality and performance

Our production center is based in Leutkirch in the Allgäu region in south-west Germany—here the mountains are close enough to touch, with lush, green meadows right on the doorstep. This center is the starting point for MILEI’s diverse range of high-quality products, extracted from the raw ingredients of milk and whey. The majority of our whey comes from regional cheese producers, which is why the quality of the natural constituents is excellent.  

 As an experienced protein expert and the world’s biggest producer of lactoferrin, we deliver our products to every corner of the globe. With the enrichment and fractionation of the valuable constituents of whey and milk, we are well on our way to becoming the quality and performance leader for high-protein powdered and functional milk and whey derivatives within Europe and Asia. This is because we always remain focused on the interests of our end-customers: our products are tailored to the specific needs of infants/babies/children, athletes, seniors, hospital patients, and nutritionally aware consumers. 

The key element here is that a sensitive area such as the production of high-quality foods for sensitive target groups using complex technologies requires the highest quality standards. In this regard, as well as in the optimization of our facilities, we have the additional benefit of the decades of experience provided by our Japanese parent company, Morinaga. 

Thanks to this combined expertise, MILEI is among the leading providers in this sector globally. At the same time, however, personal contact with our stakeholders also plays a crucial role. Mutual trust, listening and advising, and dialog between equals creates the sort of warm relationships often missing in large corporations.

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