Lactoferrin is a multifunctional, iron-binding glycoprotein that is contained in various exocrine fluids such as breast milk. Lactoferrin has biological functions, such as protection against infection, immunomodulation, improvement of the gut flora, iron uptake and various other health-promoting effects. MILEI´s Lactoferrin is extracted in native form and in the utmost purity from fresh whey or milk using pioneering extraction and filtration technologies as well as particularly gentle drying processes. It is used as a premium quality component in a whole range of products, from infant formulae and yogurt through to beverages, food supplements and sports nutrition.


  • Salmon-colored, odorless powder with good flow properties
  • Low iron saturation for outstanding iron-binding properties
  • Good solubility across wide pH ranges and concentrations
  • Excellent nativity and microbiological quality thanks to stringent quality controls
  • Defined particle size: standard and finely milled (<125um for dry addition)
  • Its efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous scientific and clinical studies
  • Meets international standards including Novel Food, GRAS and GB

Nutrition for Babies and Children Good health from infancy

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Breast milk is the best form of nutrition for infants during their initial stages of development and is therefore recommended without any reservations by the WHO. However, if breastfeeding is not possible, high-quality ingredients are needed to produce infant formula and follow-up products.

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Food Supplements Super, Food!

An ideal diet not only brings a lot of pleasure with it, but also at least as many nutrients and vitamins that are important for the human organism.

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