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Cheese Varieties From the Allgäu to the World

There is an increasing demand for alternatives to traditional cheese—in the coming years, a further growth of 6% is forecast in the market for cheese substitutes. In a highly competitive market, the dairy industry is therefore investing heavily in new product innovation to assist customers with their new product development programs.

Especially in developing countries with small or no exiting dairy consumption there is an opportunity and openness to explore cheese substitutes. Asia and the Middle East are rapidly growing markets in this context.

In short: cheese is in demand worldwide—also as part of convenience foods, such as pizza. Alternative cheese products can therefore offer an economical solution. They are also ideal for those customer groups who wish to avoid traditional cheese as part of a cholesterol-conscious diet.   

We help you meet the challenges of the market with products including M13® HH, which underscores the natural cheese flavor as an ingredient in processed cheese. Whey protein concentrates such as Milei® 70 A add the ideal texture and flavor to cream cheese and micellar casein makes it possible to standardize the milk used in cheese production.


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