Based in the Allgäu, at home across the globe We produce in the heart of nature

We produce where nature is at its most beautiful: in the Allgäu region, in the far-south of Germany—and thus in the heart of Europe. The lush meadows of the gently rolling hills offer the perfect conditions for pasture-raised cattle, famed for its outstanding milk. In this region of traditional farming practices, dairies have been producing at highest quality for centuries—an ideal location for us and our 100% shareholder Morinaga (Tokyo) to refine these prime raw ingredients to make our MILEI products.

History List

1972: Founding of the company MILEI GmbH

1973: Groundbreaking at the Leutkirch production site

1975: Production of whey powder and lactose begins

1976: Introduction of the ultra-filtration process for producing MILEI milk-protein concentrates

1989: Lactoferrin is produced using the Morinaga process

1990: Lactulose and lactoferrin production begins

2002: Instantizing technology is introduced to the spray-drying process and Molkolac® is launched

2009: Morinaga increases its shareholding in MILEI to 70%. The international R&D collaboration is intensified

2010: All company functions are consolidated in Leutkirch

2011: MILEI strategically focuses on becoming the market’s quality and performance leader

2012: Morinaga becomes the sole MILEI shareholder and thus strengthens MILEI’s position as a global player

2013: Decision to invest in a new production site

2014: Ground is broken on the new site

2016: Commercial production gets under way

2018: The new building is completed

2019: Relaunch Marketing Concept

2021: Opening New Laboratory & Innovation Hub

2022: 50 Years MILEI GmbH