Whey Protein Concentrate Milei® 70 HPL *

Milei® 70 HPL is a high-quality whey protein concentrate with a naturally increased content of phospholipids, produced by filtration and spray drying. The combination of the high protein content and the functional fat component offers nutritional benefits and allows its use in a variety of applications.

Due to its good solubility and pleasant mouthfeel, Milei® 70 HPL is ideally suited for numerous products in the field of healthy and dietary nutrition (e.g. shakes).

Compared to conventional whey protein concentrates, Milei® 70 HPL contains a naturally increased proportion of phospholipids, which supports the formation of the body's own cell membrane and the transport of essential nutrients, and also improves physical performance.


  • HPL: High content of phospholipids with functional properties
  • A naturally high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids compared to conventional whey protein concentrates, with up to twice the content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • High quality whey protein
  • Low lactose content
  • Very good emulsifying properties
  • Clean-label emulsifier
  • Pleasant mouthfeel good solubility

* Milei® 70 HPL is a product certified as Non-Genetically Modified Product Ingredient acc. VLOG.

Fitness Shakes Strong Together

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Lots has changed in the sports nutrition segment over the last decade. Alongside Europe and North America, Asia is a growing market. Originally exclusively consumed by strength and endurance athletes the fitness shakes is now just as popular among consumers who wish to stay healthy and fit.. For these consumers, a protein-rich diet and the quick and easy preparation are especially important.

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Savory Foods That Certain Something

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As a traditional, Allgäu-based company, we like foods that are wholesome and hearty—and offer the ideal solutions for the savory segment.

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