Milei – the hidden champion of the food industry Welcome to Milei

Our name tells you what we’re about—MILEI originally stood for “Milcheiweiß,” meaning “milk protein” in German. It all began in the seventies. What started out with the production of powdered food supplements has since transformed into an innovator and global player. That’s because we meet the ever-increasing demand for nutritionally and technologically functional whey proteins. When it comes to quality and functionality, we are constantly setting new benchmarks for the entire industry. And we’d be happy to do the same for you!


The synergy of an East Asian culture of appreciation, respectful interactions, and the highest quality standards in combination with a fresh, tolerant world-view, reliable entrepreneurialism, and strategic farsightedness in dynamic markets drives us to forge new—and, where necessary, unconventional—paths.   

It is precisely these attributes and this attitude that help us each day to achieve our vision of being the market’s quality and performance leader.  

In this context, we regard the topic of “sustainability” as part of our operating mission within our business activities. We define sustainability as maintaining honest and reliable partnerships with all our stakeholders, and collaborating with them in terms of resource usage, employee development, nature conservation, and animal welfare in order to enjoy long-term success.


267 employees

16 trainees

50 countries

50,000 m2

10,000,000 m2 of pipe lines

1,698 daily quality checks per metric ton

11,885 weekly quality checks per metric ton

Subsidiary of Morinaga Milk