Permeate Molkolac® *

Molkolac® is a gently partially demineralized whey permeate powder extracted from fresh sweet whey using cutting-edge filtration and drying technology. Thanks to its special organoleptic and functional product characteristics, Molkolac® can also be used in a variety of ways as a lactose and whey powder substitute. For example, it has extremely positive effects on the sensory properties of many food products. It has a wealth of specific functionalities and contributes to browning reactions, for example, as well as facilitating sodium reduction.


  • Free-flowing powder
  • Substitute for lactose and whey for a variety of applications
  • Excellent solubility
  • White to slight yellow color
  • Pleasant taste with mild sweetness
  • Stable balance of sweetness and milk minerals for an optimum flavor profile

* Molkolac® is a product certified as Non-Genetically Modified Product Ingredient acc. VLOG.

Baked Goods Good Taste, Guaranteed

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While the demand for baked goods remains constant in the USA and Europe, the markets in Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa are highly dynamic.

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Chocolate Sweet Dreams

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Chocolate is popular the world over. This is why a further increase in demand is forecasted— in particular Asia, with India leading the way and Latin America. Overall, consumer focus is on a certain quality of product - an indicator of this are smaller packaging sizes.

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