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By 2050, the global population, aged sixty and above, will have more than doubled. The growing number of older people will also lead to greater challenges in the healthcare system. A greater focus on correct nutrition will therefore become more important as the need for the optimal nutrients with substantially lower calories becomes more important as you age. High-quality proteins are an important key here. They counteract muscular atrophy and ensure a sufficient supply of essential amino acids.


Some pathologies also result in increased nutritional requirements. This is where individually tailored diets come into play, to prevent nutrient deficiency as part of a nutritional therapy. The same goes for every form of enteral nutrition that is given in liquid form or via a feeding tube.

With our product portfolio, we offer the right solutions for these applications. In particular, our micellar casein provides high-protein liquid nutrition with low viscosity. Furthermore, our whey and milk proteins guarantee a defined amino-acid and mineral profile as well as high microbiological quality.

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