Responsibility meets quality The highest standards, the latest technologies

The raw ingredients we use are part of the secret to our success. That’s because they form the basis for the outstanding quality of our products. In doing so, we not only look at quality, but also pay attention to other quality marks in our raw material suppliers, such as compliance with animal welfare standards or the use of non-genetically modified products. By extension we can therefore also offer our customers a certified product claming "without genetic engineering". We rely on a comprehensive quality management system for controlling and monitoring product quality. Our responsibility extends far beyond production and making the best products. We are based in one of the most beautiful cultural landscapes and don’t merely live in nature but also depend on it for our success.   

We worked with painstaking care and latest technologies when constructing our facilities, so that we could contribute to the preservation of the surrounding nature and water conservation areas. Our aim is to achieve the best possible protection for nature in combination with minimal energy consumption. This includes energy recovery throughout the entire production process, controlling water consumption and reducing the use of fossil fuels and thus the emission of CO2. We have commited ourselves to optimising our energy management system by including this in an annual audit.


Food Safety (ISO 22000, FSSC 22000)

Energy Management System (ISO 50001)

QS Quality scheme for food

Social Responsibility (Sedex)

Kosher (Circle U Orthodox Union)

Halal (Halal Control EU)

Halal (Halal Feed&Food)