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An ideal diet not only brings a lot of pleasure with it, but also at least as many nutrients and vitamins that are important for the human organism. Most people are aware of this - but still fail to reach the recommended daily intake. Adding food supplements is ideal to supplement the daily diet in a valuable way. The international food industry therefore relies on dietary supplements, especially in the USA, China and Italy.

The high-quality Bifidobacteria MILEI provides, which are also found in human intestines, are one of the best ingredients you can add into dietary supplements. They are characterized by highest stability and tolerance. Depending on which phase of life the food supplement is needed for, we supply ideally matching strains and individual solutions - scientifically proven.

With MILEI Lactoferrin we also offer a premium protein that is suitable as dietary supplement with the highest level of functionality. Lactoferrin is contained in human breast milk and acts as a natural antibiotic for infants. The combination of Lactoferrin and bifidobacteria causes the bifidobacteria to multiply - a perfect synergy for health and well-being!

In short: MILEI has Bifidobacteria and Lactoferrin that offer individual solutions that can be tailored precisely to the nutritional requirements of each phase of life.


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